“Trump’s Dumps” - An Open Invitation


Dear Nancy Spector,


We hope that this message finds you well. 

In recent days, your name and that of the Guggenheim museum have shaken the news world, thanks to your inspired offering of Maurizio Cattelan’s America to be exhibited at The White House in place of the originally requested Landscape With Snow by Vincent Van Gogh, which we understand was unavailable at the time of the President’s Art Curator’s request.

Taking further inspiration from your marvellous offering, we have felt the drive to take your initiative a step further, creating a series of digital art prints entitled “Trump’s Dumps”; an imagining of the POTUS making the most of your beloved America, if you may.

We would like to extend an official invitation to have these works exhibited at your museum, completely free of charge. We believe this may serve as a way for your visitors to imagine what the 45th President would do if given absolute free reign over your invaluable work of art.


You can view the collection over at http://www.heraldist.com/dump-trump 


We hope you enjoy the works, and look forward to hearing back from you.

With kind regards,

The Heraldists