Only the greatest companies become "Creators"

Yours can be one of them

How to turn your company into a creative company in 9 months

There are two kind of companies nowadays: creative companies and companies that will soon be history. From Google to Amazon, from Apple to Facebook, Nike, Starbucks, Uber, Airbnb, all the greatest brands are creative companies. Their products are creative, their marketing is creative, their organization nurture creativity.

They're smart, they're social and they're strategic

They're smart because they create tools, teams and platforms that help them outsmart their competitors. They're social because they understand that a facebook page and an old website doesn't make you a social brand. They're strategic because they know that you can't build a legendary brand without a rock solid brand strategy first


Adrian Docea

Founder Heraldist & Wondermarks Berlin


"Building a creative brand is not easy. That's why 99% of the brands fail to do so. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut, there's no easy way, there's no miracle tool. If there was one, all brands would be creative brands. But there are wise ways to get there. The wise way to get there is to work with the right people, who can show you the way"



Introducing Heraldist & Wondermarks


Heraldist was born in Berlin, Germany. A collective of creative consultants and tech developers, Heraldist is part of Revolutics, a group of creative companies with more than 650 employees across Europe. All our partners are senior professionals with 10-25 years of experience, multi-awarded creatives and strategists with hundreds of marketing campaigns in their portfolio


Our innovative method is called "Wondermarks - The Creative Company ™". Based on the the results from a detailed BREVO Brand Evolution ™ analysis, we launch a 3 steps program that can turn any company into a creative company in less than a year. We will first turn your brand into a Strategic Brand, then into a Social Brand and ultimately into a Smart Brand.

3 steps to a Creative Company


Wondermarks - The Creative Company ™


Includes tools such as Brand Positioning, Brand Values, Brand Behaviors, Brand Manifesto, Brand Essence, Brand Personality, Integrated Communications Plan, Brand Tracking and Brand Audit

wondermarks cc 2.gif

Wondermarks - The Creative Company ™


Includes tools such as Brand Identity Design, Brand Manual, Big Creative Idea, Wonder Mobile™, Wonder Social™, Wonder Live™, Wonder Place™, Social Media Management and Social Radar

wondermarks cc 3.gif

Wondermarks - The Creative Company ™


Includes tools such as Wonder Innovation™ to inject creativity into the company, Wonder Workshops™ to train future innovators, Wonder Tools™ to make innovation more methodical, Wonder Platform™ to make sure that innovative ideas become actual products and Wonder Labs™ to research new ideas