Heraldist Cluj™





Ruxandra BURADA

Managing Partner, Heraldist Cluj

With a career of 8 years in advertising industry, in Bucharest at Agencies such as Graffiti BBDO, GMP and a transition period to NGO  world , Ruxandra makes her return in marketing / advertising as Account Director at Heraldist & Wondermarks where she coordinates the Client Service department in Cluj office. 

Proactive and adaptive, with strong organizational skills coupled with solid knowledge of the business and the marketplace, Ruxandra is an advertising expert with a particularly contagious laughter, as you will probably get to see for yourself.





Smaranda ROTARU

Project Manager, Heraldist Cluj

Her name derives from the Romanian word for 'emerald', so you’ll find her at her best just below the surface of advertising, lighting up a green light to all sorts of projects: she gained experience in BTL (below the line advertising), adding up to 4 years of doing research for companies and organisations across the public and the private sectors.

But letting aside all those green lights, there’s nothing more vivid when it comes to Smaranda, than the pro bono work she’s involved in. Every time the word “impossible” springs to mind, she makes sure it’s just another word that once it’s written on a blank page, leaves room for so much more.




Project Manager, Heraldist Cluj

As a journalism graduate with a background in marketing, Alice has storytelling imprinted in her DNA. She has solutions up her sleeve for every challenge she encounters and possesses incredible timing and problem-solving skills. Her strength is in the ability to easily blend in and solve each and every task with the same calm and confidence. Besides, with her omnipresent smile she can defuse any trace of negativity




Project Manager, Heraldist Cluj


An old soul who tries to remember every day that there are only a few things that really matter in the end. Kindness towards others and towards ourselves is one of those. On his life journey he kept his mind wide and his heart open as a bookshop keeper in the “family” of Anthony Frost English Bookshop, the place which Lonely Planet considered it to be “arguably the best English-language bookshop in Eastern Europe”. From indie bookshop to global organization, he continued his adventure working as a client service assistant for the IOM Romania (The United Nations Migration Agency), deepening relationships with some old friends: discipline, attentiveness, clarity, patience and empathy.