Do you run a big company? You probably think you need a big, multinational agency

I will not try to convince you that you don’t need that. Actually, please go ahead and approach them. They’ll tell you an impressive story of an agency founded a century ago, they’ll tell you about their offices in New York and London and all their creative awards. They will ‘forget’ to tell you they have no merit in those accomplishments, that the only thing they share with that network is a common name and that there’s no actual expertise from the network that will be available for your brand. They’ll introduce you to their seniors but, unless you’re one of the biggest spenders on the market, it will probably be the last time you see them. Once the contract is signed you will realize that you spent a lot of money for your brand to be managed by juniors who will learn to do the job on your business and by mid-level professionals who already lost their enthusiasm for the job. You will understand that this agency’s only purpose is paying better dividends to their shareholders, not the excellence in marketing communications. How do we know? We know because we used to work for them, we managed their departments, handled their biggest clients.

When you’ll be ready to try something else, we’ll be waiting for you at Heraldist


Finally an agency that understands business

I have to start by mentioning that we’re not just another agency

Actually we just reinvented the traditional agency model, created by some respectable gentlemen about a century ago, that was left almost unchanged ever since. Heraldist & Wondermarks is a new breed: half consultancy firm, half startup factory, Heraldist is the first agency in this part of the world that launches its own brands and comes in premiere with a team of consultants who learn business in the real market, not from books; a partnership between some of the most respected leaders from multinational agencies, people with 10-20 years of experience at the highest level; people who already led marketing communications for big global brands and the strategy & creative departments of the big agencies before they joined Heraldist


Finally an agency that cares about my business

You will soon notice that Heraldist doesn’t feel like any other agency you might know

I invite you to see for yourself: the incredible energy you’ll find here is something you haven’t seen in any other agency. It’s not a miracle, just one of the innovative elements of our business model: Heraldist is built on The Brotherhood principle, which means that every senior professional becomes an equal partner in a Heraldist company from day 1. How does this impact your business, as a client? You will get to work with consultants who really care about your brand; because they’re not employees, they’re partners. Heraldist is an agency where senior partners are involved in our clients day-to-day business. Because our reputation is the most important thing we have. And because we really love this job.


An agency involved in the community

Heraldist & Wondermarks is the only agency in Europe that made a commitment to use 10% of our time pro-bono for social projects

We call it Creatives United and it’s our contribution to a better world. Although it was a decision with a significant financial impact, we understood that we have a responsibility to our community. Actually one of the things that brought us together is our desire to be an active part of the positive change we want to see around us. That’s why Heraldist offered strategic & creative consultancy pro-bono to organizations that help people with disabilities, we create projects that help the disadvantaged, we help cultural institutions that need to reconnect with the community and cities trying to find their identity.


An agency that will change the world

We are Dreamers. Makers. Troublemakers.

You may choose to work with a local agency with average resources and average ambitions. You may choose to work with multinational agencies with a great heritage but populated by people who lost their passion; for them, your project is just a job. Or you can choose Heraldist & Wondermarks. You can choose to work with a company that begins every day knowing that by 2021 we want to be one of the best 10 independent creative, strategy & innovation agencies in the world. And we’re ready to work 5x more than everyone else to be 2x better than everyone else. Most people think it’s impossible. We’re not most people. We’re Dreamers. Makers. Troublemakers. We’re Heraldist & Wondermarks.