BCR Erste

Natura de 5 stele

Silver Mountain Resort is a luxury apartment complex in Poiana Brasov, the most prestigious ski resort in Romania.

We realized that this type of development is targeting a special type of nature lover. Not the hikers, trekkers, people who can set up a tent, find the North Star and light a bonfire but people who would enjoy the mountains if they bring over all the amenities of a comfortable urban home.

So, we tell them “Nature is wonderful. If you enjoy it from your huge windows penthouse, in front of a fireplace or from a heated outdoor pool.”

Nature is wonderful if it comes with all comforts.



Silver Mountain in financial times UK

Silver Mountain is one of the most ambitious real estate developments in Central Europe. Owned by BCR Erste, Romania’s largest bank, the project is located in Poiana Brasov, a few miles away from the famous Dracula Castle, in the heart of the main touristic area of Romania. Heraldist was the agency chosen to communicate this project in a print campaign in the Financial Times UK and address potential new investors.