Drumul Taberelor

Branding & Launch Campaign

The commercial center Aushopping Drumul Taberei is planning to be not only a shopping center, but a place where people in the neighbourhood discover each other, spend time and do things together. For this, the center accommodates a community hub, a place specially created for these community gatherings.

This inspired us to create the new identity of the shopping center by turning the name of the neighbourhood, Drumul Taberei (Road of the Camp - the historical name remembering a military camp set here in the 19th century) into Drumul Taberelor, Road of the Camps, hinting the coming together of different groups of people, the micro communities and individuals in the neighbourhood that now have a chance to become a real community.

The logo uses creatively the iconic map of the neighbourhood, while the campaign, signed “Where camps meet each other” celebrates the diverse communities of the place in the optimistic and colorful way the new commercial center wants to communicate with its customers.

IntegratedZoran Zeerowski