Integra HR


An ambitious HR consultancy that wants to become a leader, Integra decided that their company needs a new brand strategy and a new corporate image, in order to become relevant for the thriving, local IT industry. The ambitious and inspiring strategic vision was created by Heraldist to help the Integra team see their role in a new light. How do we change the future? By finding with the right people. Some people will tell you that a successful company needs more rebels, ‘black sheep’, game-changers. Others will tell you your company needs ‘white sheep’, people you can trust and you can count on. Integra doesn’t believe in the ‘black sheep - white sheep’ metaphor.

We believe in the right people in the right place.

By reinterpreting the old ‘white sheep / black sheep’ metaphor in a fun, creative way, we managed to reposition  Integra as a smart company with a good sense of humor, a company that understands people - not in the good & bad, rebels & innocent paradigm but in all their complexity. Only an HR company that takes the time to really understand their clients needs and the profile of each candidate can find the perfect compatibilities.

IntegratedZoran Zeerowski