Signals by SEO Monitor

Strategic concept & Launch Campaign

Every SEO tool gives you more data. More and more data. They all have that, Signals by SEO Monitor has that too, but what SEO specialists really want? To be the first.

The main insights & intelligence this app can provide is that it can save SEO specialists up to 4-6 hours of hard work.

So, instead of showing how the app works, we created a story that shows you that winners will keep on winning, even if Hollywood movies want us to believe that the underdog will ultimately win. Life is not Hollywood: in real life, if you get the best tools, you get the best chances to win. That’s why we came up with the slogan “So great, it’s unfair”.

We made this video to introduce a new app: Signals by SEO Monitor. Their products are well known by SEO specialists worldwide.

This video was a great success when it was presented at a major SEO conference in Brighton, UK.